A tradition of craftsmanship of excellence


Coming from two generations of binders of art, Sébastien TIESSEN was born and raised in the midst of books, leather, canvas and all that makes the magic of this noble profession of binder and restorer of works..


Still in his 40s, Sébastien has already spent 25 years in the family business of art binding in Nancy, including 14 years as company manager. He confesses: "My 25 years of binding experience have shown me that books, paper, and material teach us the job every day. The team that is with me is also passionate, and we transmit together the history and expertise through the binding of books and their restoration."



Arrived on January 2, 2017 at the head of the workshop to ensure the managment, Sébastien now succeeds to Marie-Christine Lafont. 


Upon his arrival in 2017, Sébastien TIESSEN joins a very professional and stable team. After twenty years under the management of Marie-Christine LAFONT, two binders are still here: Didier LECOMTE, 35 years of experience in finest binding work and restauration and Didier DELECROIX, 27 years of experience in binding and titling. The youngest recruit, Nathalie VERGNOT with 18 years of seniority, is responsible for layin-out/sewing, titling and small decorations. She creates mosaic decorations on leather-covered books. 



Experienced, careful and attentive, the BOURGOGNE RELIURE team perpetuates a tradition of craftsmanship of excellence.


Nathalie VERGNOT

Marie-Christine LAFONT, who after studying Modern Letters, went to teach in Africa and forged close and still-living links with this continent. Passionate of crafting since her childhood, she discovered in it a magnificent production of weaving, indigo dyed fabrics, basketry, pottery, small wax characters... Upon her return to France, she continued this African journey along with with Andrée DAVANTURE, founder of the association ATRIA, who created and post-produced almost all the francophone African cinema at the time. 


Always in search of craftings (handswork, search of materials, textures, colors), and in parallel to her job as a teacher, she started learning binding in Roger FAMEAU's workshop, improved her learning in fine binding with Solange De VERBIZIER, and then learnt the gilding (titling and decorations) with Eugène De VERBIZIER, Solange's father. All this lead her in 1996, the year when Mr. GOUPIL, binder, yielded her BOURGOGNE RELIURE, one of the oldest binding workshops in Paris.